Lifelong Learning

It’s often been said, “Change of place and pace impart new vigor to the mind.”  This past week has been the opportunity to not only change venues a couple of times, but to pace my mind as well.  Wrapping my thoughts and plans around new and existing educational updates, ideas, and challenges for the coming school year in a stimulating setting always gets me excited to begin to again (even though my summer break hasn’t started yet).  🙂 Austin is the annual gathering place the second week in June each summer for Texas principals.  We meet to discuss, share, learn, listen, reflect, renew, and fellowship in a variety of ways.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to interact with principals from the entire state of Texas.  Mostly though, I treasure the bonding time with our MISD team of principals as we celebrate, communicate, and participate with each other throughout the week while nurturing our need for lifelong learning together!  Here’s hoping you find a way to change your pace and place for new vigor to the mind at some point this summer as well!  Stay safe out there!

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