May I help you?

As the saying goes, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little something extra.”  There are special ladies in the front office who make our daily work at LaRue Miller Elementary so extraordinarily easy!  They truly believe that nothing you do for children (or our entire learning community) is ever wasted.  Pictured on the top row (left to right) are Shannon Gossett, Robin Bass, and Nurse Joanne Sullivan.  Seated, you will see Kim Huff and Vanya Worley.  I could easily write novels about each lady (and oh, the stories I could tell), but we’ll just introduce them to you briefly for now.

Mrs. Gossett is our friendly PEIMS registrar; she assists with attendance, registration, and ensuring PowerSchool is updated for staff and parent access.  Mrs. Bass, our assistant princiPAL, does pretty much “any duty as assigned” throughout the day; she’s my right hand and an expert in investigation (she should have a doctorate in “inner-DISCIPLINary” studies by now).  Nurse Sullivan is the newest addition to our office team (bottom line: we stole her from another campus); we are very grateful for her medical expertise and fun-loving spirit.  Mrs. Huff is usually the first face you see in our office; she smiles all the time and her list of duties is never-ending.  Mrs. Worley is my left hand; she’s the nurturer, chief fixer-upper of any problem, and keeps me well-managed (no easy feat as those who know me will attest).

We are blessed to have extraordinary team members who go above and beyond to serve our learning community.  In future posts, I will take a moment to introduce you to our LaRue Miller family in person.  In the meantime, we invite you to stop by for a visit and get to know these extraordinary front office ladies.  Now, here’s your test:  Who do you think has to make one of her famous dishes for not wearing the correct Miller shirt for this picture?  Hhmmmm . . . .

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