First Day of School!

first day helpersThere are those persons in our daily school life who make all the difference on an opening day . . . the children, parents, staff members, friends, and community helpers.  Then there are those whose very presence simply nurtures us.  The three ladies pictured here, Brenda Folsom, LaRue Miller (our school namesake), and Dolores McClatchey,  have been at every Miller opening since our first day in 2008.  These icons are all Midlothian ISD retirees and teaching legends.  Honestly, we couldn’t open the doors Day #1 without them.  While they like to brag “you’re helping us,” we know, in fact, they are the shoulders we stand upon as we educate the future generation.  Their gentle guidance with new parents, brilliant smiles, kind words, and calm presence set the tone for an amazing first day.  Yes, blessings continue to abound at Miller . . . the first day is always proof.  We look forward to an extraordinary year ahead!

One thought on “First Day of School!

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. My lil’ Jake had a wonderful first day at Miller Elem. Thanks for the smooth sailing.

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