Fine Art Form and more…

sign1The annual Fine Arts Show and Gallery with our Family Book Fair event was another huge hit this year.  Each child displays seven completed personal masterpieces thanks to the talented vision and execution of our art teacher extraordinaire, Scott Fiorenza.  Whether it’s a Head Start student or an Art Club master student, Mr. Fio knows how to create and deliver artistic magic each year!

Thanks also goes to our entire Specials Team of educators artshow1who not only support each other through programs, shows, exhibitions, 5K runs, and more, but have so much fun along the journey too!

We are blessed with the most amazing PTO Volunteers who spend time and creative talents arranging, organizing, and hanging each child’s artwork throughout the hallway galleries for this big show.  These ladies also host the refreshment table each year…yum!

Much appreciation goes to Melissa Bolgiano, our Library Media Specialist, and her volunteers who ensure our Book Fair and Family Night event goes smoothly.  Thanks for supporting our campus library and the new Maker Spaces in our 21st Century Media Center.

Our Miller Ringers and Singers along with some talented piano students shared beautiful musicartshow3 for gallery gazing throughout the evening.  Thanks, Mrs. Perez and friends, for setting the tone and mood for success.

It is so critical for our young learners to have these important creative, artistic, and musical outlets throughout their educational journey.  Judging from the turnout and the responses, our learners are most definitely in fine art form…and more!  EnJOY your holiday weekend!  :-)

Fun and Games

An unusual lunch conversation with a small group of learners believe2today (who asked to have lunch with me, by the way :-) ), gleaned some interesting ideas for families on-the-go these days.  Instead of DVD players, iPads, and other technology devices in the car between activities, these students engage in oral thinking games.  Here’s the idea:

One child shared how the family plays Would You Rather…” in the car between soccer games.  Two options are given and each person is asked which they prefer and why.  For example, “Would you rather live near the beach or near the mountains?” 

Another child explained what’s called “Three Favorites.”  Someone picks a category (like movies, outfits, books), and everyone shares their top three choices and why.

My own daughters would play “What Doesn’t Belong?” as we rode in the car between scheduled activities.  We took turns naming items and asking each other to explain which is the odd one out and why.  There can always be more than one right answer too.  For example, when I said, “owl, ostrich, and eagle,” one daughter said, “Ostrich…because it can’t fly.”  The other daughter said, “Owl, because it’s nocturnal and hunts at night.”   :-)

The important point here is how we spend time interacting with our children between the schedules and demands of life.  Just like my short lunch today with these learners, it’s not so much about the quantity of time as the quality of the time together.  Thinking through ideas, verbalizing opinions, sharing laughs, and engaging in meaningful conversations will go a long way in building critical thinking in fun, “gamey” ways.  Here’s hoping you try some of these ideas to create your own fun and games!  :-)

Rounding Up a Busy Week!

It’s a busy but short week here at LME.  Here’s the important scoop:

parentsurveyWe value your parent input and truly encourage you to participate today in the Midlothian ISD K-12 Parent Technology Survey.  This helps us make plans for future students’ technology education and needs (including instructional materials adoptions). All parents are encouraged to take the short survey by April 18. Take survey now 

Round-Up for all our incoming PreK, Head Start, and Kindergarten PleaseRegisterfriends starts today at each elementary campus from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm through Thursday this week.  Parents are encouraged to visit and register your child online, then bring the required documentation to the attendance-zone campus for final steps.  Required documentation includes a driver’s license, child’s social security card, official birth certificate (state-approved), complete immunization records, and two proofs of residency (mortgage statement, lease agreement, or closing document AND a current gas, electric, or water bill showing the physical address (within the last 30 days).  Campus staff will be on hand to help with all aspects of registration, including providing laptops for completing the online process in person.  We look forward to meeting our incoming learners this week!

Finally, it’s the week of our REALLY BIG SHOW!  Join us on Thursday, April 17th from 6:30 until 8:00 for the 6th Annual Fine Arts Show and Family Book Fair Event!  As Thoreau noted, “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”  Please come enJOY the creative canvas of each learner at LME this year!

Our Vital Volunteers

You’ve likely heard the saying:  Kind hearts are the garden; kind thoughts are the roots; kind words are the blossoms; kind deeds are the fruit.  We are abundantly showered in daily volunteer blessings at LME with the BEST Volunteers in the MISD Garden!

volunteers1We celebrated our All-Star Volunteers today with a huge Miller Rally, presentation, and special breakfast.  Under the direction of music teacher, Amber Grant, the Miller Singers performed a delightful piece for all to enJOY.  Special grade level “speakers” shared various heartwarming words of thanks while the entire student body cheered on them on during the Rally. Everyone enJOYed the scrumptious breakfast provided our entire LME staff.

Team Miller was on their top game today.  Special thanks to volunteers2our Volunteer Committee who orchestrated this big event…Ms. Cole and team, you truly blossomed today!

There is something profoundly majestic in young learners gathering as an entire student body to show their appreciation to our daily volunteers.  THANK YOU seems so small compared to all they do for and with us…we are so grateful for the dedicated time, talents, gifts, and service our All-Star volunteers and MVPs provide each day at LME!  Here’s hoping you find a way to volunteer soon.  :-)

TREEmendous advice…

A writer shared this with me today: DSC00396

Advice From A Tree

Stand tall and proud.
Go out on a limb.
Remember your roots.
Drink plenty of water.
Be happy with your natural beauty.
Enjoy the view everyday.

Extraordinarily grand advice from a tree AND a young writer.  :-)

Spreading positive vibes…

In place of Morning Message each Tuesday, our learners and classroom leaders participate in R Time.  While I expanded on the ideas and activities associated with this interactive campus initiative in a previous blog, during morning walkabout today, I observed a class in R Time action.

First of all, they were excited it was R Time today!  :-)  One of the powerful aspects of their R Time work is not knowing WHO will be their working partner during the actual activity; the surprise element is always fun.  The other significant aspect is knowing their work together will be a positive experience.

As we all know, positive interactions are essential to daily healthy relationships—at home, school, work, church, community, and in life.  positivesThe actual activity involved the pairs greeting one another appropriately, sharing a pleasant thought, and then talking about the ways they share positive interactions with others.  The pairs agreed to a word to then shared with the remaining pairs to help cultivate more positive interactions in the classroom everyday.  Each pair added their chosen word to a class wordle to post for everyone to use.  The conversations and closing discussion simply warmed my heart…it encouraged me to stop several times today just to spread (as one learner said it), “positive vibes.”  Here’s hoping you spread your own positive vibes today…and everyday!  :-)

Perception and Reality

It’s true; I’m known for saying:  “Your perception is your reality.”  Think about it; as adults we know this to be true!  It was true today when I said it too!  :-)

So…the question was asked by a classroom leader this morning:  “Who do you serve?”  You can imagine the answers shared:  “you, me, each other, our parents, the office ladies (they wish!)”…and the list grew.question-mark2

As these learners pondered the possibilities for who they serve, you could visibly see the connections being made between how they view their role as a learner AND as a classroom leader or teacher.  They realized they truly serve multiple roles in their classroom, thus serving in many capacities (depending on the situation) changes who they serve when.  The real heart and soul of this reality today though was each child’s eagerness and willingness to SERVE!  :-)

In his powerful book, One Word, Jon Gordon writes about finding that one word each year to live by fully each day.  As back in August, my word this year is SERVE.  I do my personal best to SERVE.  Some days I’m highly successful; some days I need to do better.  The word came to me in a whisper last summer…one of those moments where chills and a calling literally walk along the path with you unexpectedly.

It’s truly remarkable to listen to learner perspective on any given topic because you never know the angle each child brings to the processing table.  Learners engage in the experience based on multiple factors, the least of which is their own understanding or unique perception of a given situation.  It is their personal experience helping to create their own personal reality, thus, their perception is their reality.

This particular class has chosen the word SERVE this spring as a special focus for the next few weeks.  I’m excited to see and hear about their progress…their perception and their reality!  :-)